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Vaccine Storage and Handling


CDC Storage and Handling Toolkit                                            (5/2014)


Vaccine Storage Units

Vaccine Storage Unit Guidelines                                                    (11/2014)

“Do Not Unplug” Signage for Storage Units (EZIZ)

“Do Not Stop Power” Signage for Circuit Breaker

Safeguard Your Power Supply (EZIZ)


Thermometer Purchasing Guide                                                    (2/09/15)

Thermometer Calibration Certificate Checklist                                 (1/23/15)

Refrigerator Cold Chain Management

Preparing for Vaccine Storage (EZIZ) 

Transport of Refrigerated Vaccines  NEW

Freezer Cold Chain Management

Preparing for Vaccine Storage (EZIZ)

Storing Vaccines (EZIZ)

Vaccine Management

Vaccine Management Plan Template                                            (2/09/15)

Emergency Plan Template                                                         (3/10/15)

Emergency Vaccine Retrieval and Storage Plan (CDC S&H Toolkit)

Vaccine Inventory Management (CDC S&H Toolkit)

Storage & Handling Resources

CDC Vaccine Storage & Handling Webpage

IAC: Checklist for Safe Vaccine Storage & Handling

CDC Pink Book: Vaccine Storage and Handling 

IAC: Errors in Vaccine Storage and Handling


Off-Site/On-Site Vaccination Clinic Resources-NEW!

Guidelines for Large-Scale Influenza Vaccination Clinic  

Vaccination Clinic Supply Checklist                                               (9/01/15)


LogTag® Data Logger Resources*

The Wyoming Immunization Program has specific recommendations and guidelines for publicly supplied vaccine temperature monitoring including the configuration and use of data logger devices.


The resources below will assist your facility in configuring the LogTag® data loggers as well as how to use them daily to monitor and record temperatures. If followed in order, the guides will walk through out of the box setup to using the devices. Used individually, the guides are quick and easy resources to train staff on how to properly use the devices in your facility.


LogTag Analyzer Software Installation & Configuration Guide

Device Prep & Configuration Guide – REFRIGERATOR

Device Prep & Configuration Guide – FREEZER

Device Configuration Guide – BACKUP

Min & Max Temperatures Guide

Temperature Alarms Guide

Downloading Data Guide

Best Practices & Reminders

LogTag Quick Tips

*These resources are intended for use by Wyoming Public Vaccine Program Providers only.






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