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Provider Portal:  Delegation of Authority

A Delegation of Authority may be granted to VFC Providers only. The delegation extends VFC authority to vaccinate underinsured1  VFC- eligible

children from Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) and Rural Health Clinics (RHCs) to other VFC providers.


Extension of this VFC authority is intended to provide

underinsured VFC-eligible children with access to VFC vaccines that would otherwise be unavailable due to limited capacity or absence of an FQHC or RHC in a service area.          

1. Underinsured: A child who has commercial (private) health insurance, but the coverage does not include vaccines; a child whose insurance covers only selected vaccines (VFC-eligible for non-covered vaccines only); or a child whose insurance caps vaccine coverage at a certain amount. Once that coverage amount is reached, the child is categorized as underinsured.  

For a list of providers that have the authority to vaccinate VFC underinsured patients, visit the Providers by County page and look for VFC Underinsured under the Vaccine Programs column.


Contact the Immunization Program with any questions at 307-777-7952.