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Where to Locate Vaccination/Immunization Records

Where are my (or my child's) immunization records?

There are multiple ways to obtain immunization records.  The quickest method would be to contact the primary care provider and request a copy of your medical records.

If that attempt is unsuccessful, any records that may be present within the WyIR may be obtained by completing an Access to Records Request form which can be found HERE, and forwarding it, along with a copy of a valid state ID (of the parent/guardian if the patient is less than 18 years of age, unless an emancipated adult) by fax 307-777-7996 or emailing to  

If those attempts prove unsuccessful,  the last school attended may still have the record.  However, schools will generally not keep immunization records for more than a year or two following the last date of attendance at the school. After a student departs from the active roster, records are sent to Wyoming State Archives and can be retrieved with a phone call. Please follow this link to get information on the State Archive: or call 307-777-7826

For more tips on how to locate immunization records please click HERE and go to the Immunization Action Coalition's web site.